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Always on alert.
So you don’t have to be.

Let’s say you’re away on vacation. Or stuck in meetings. Or your phone battery died. 24/7 professional monitoring from Brinks Home Security™ has your back.
And it includes cellular backup.1

Not all alarm monitoring is created equal.

At Nest, we’re serious about changing the way home security systems work. That’s why we partnered with Brinks Home Security, a professional monitoring service with seriously high standards. Their customer satisfaction is highly ranked in the industry. Their US-based response experts have training certifications that go above and beyond what’s required.2 So they know what to do if someone tries to break in.3 They’ll even call the police on your behalf if an alarm is verified or you can’t be reached.

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How it works.

  • Nest Secure notifies Brinks Home Security.

    If an alarm is triggered, Nest Secure quickly notifies Brinks Home Security’s monitoring center. Their highly trained experts are on alert 24/7.

  • They jump into action.

    In a matter of seconds, Brinks Home Security reaches out to you and your top emergency contacts via phone and text to confirm the alarm is real.

  • Brinks Home Security calls the police.

    If the alarm is verified, or if no one on your list can be reached, they will request a police dispatch. They’ll stay engaged until the situation is resolved.

Flexible service plans to fit your life.

Choose from month-to-month and longer-term plan options.4 And cellular backup is included, so you and Brinks Home Security will continue to get alerts from Nest Secure even if Wi-Fi goes down.1

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Nest Secure alarm system

Professional monitoring is an extra layer of security for the Nest Secure alarm system.

Don’t have Nest Secure?

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  • Cellular backup may not be available in all areas.
  • Brinks Home Security has been awarded Five Diamond certification.
  • Service does not include monitoring or agent response for Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms.
  • Pricing and availability subject to change.