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Be our thermostat's Valentine.

Be our thermostat's Valentine.

We didn’t know if people would love our thermostat. Who could be as obsessed with algorithms and precise amounts of energy savings and mobile apps that let you change the temperature?

We put the Nest Learning Thermostat out into the world, each millimeter designed and redesigned a thousand times, and didn’t know if you’d love it back. We held our breath.

And love filled our Twitter and Facebook. Here are some of our favorite love letters.

Niko Nickolaou @nickolaoun I love my @nest it's saved me $50 in heating last month. Thank you #gadgets

Brandy Ledford @BrandyLedford I love my @nest on a cold night! #TurnMeOnFromThe Road #ComeHomeToAWarmHouse

elyse holladay @elyseholladay just turned the temp up & my @nest told me it'd take 25 minutes & stay that temp for the night. i love you, @nest.

Humuhumu @humuhumu Just installed our @nest. Can't wait to be home sick, and able to turn up the heat from bed. Someone cough on me!

David Eades @meresman @nest owning a Nest is life-changing! New leas on life! My wife and I love it do much!

Mike Schinkel @mickschinkel Happiness is a bright grean leav on my @Nest as I'm heading out the door. I know, I don't always aim high. :)

Eric Wenger @luckypp Why am I so comfortable all the time? Oh @Nest you know me better than I know myself. #robotHouseComplete

bptheo @pbtheo Loving the @nest auto-away feature. Out for dinner, just opened Nest app to turn off heat. No need, already taken care of...thx Nest!

Maurice Poe @GolfingRonin I am waiting by the front door for FedEx to deliver my @nest learning thermostat like a kid on Christmas morning.