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2.0 brings more info, savings, and access.

2.0 brings more info, savings, and access.

Over the next two days, all Nesters are automatically getting 2.0 software for their Nest Learning Thermostats. You’ve been asking for some of these updates, like easier access to your Away temperatures or a full-featured app for Android phones. Other features, like enhanced Energy History and Airwave, we've been working on since the beginning.

This is our first major software release and we hope you’ll love it. We’re committed to making sure the Nest already on your wall keeps getting better.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Enhanced Energy History that’s available on the Web and Mobile apps.
  • Airwave™, an energy-saving feature available just in time for cooling season.
  • Additional info and control of Nest features via the Web and iPhone and Android apps.
  • Updated Menu and Settings within the Nest Learning Thermostat.

So how do I get it?

Your Nest must be connected to Wi-Fi to download this update. Nest and the Web app will update automatically, but make sure to update the Nest Mobile app on your smartphone or iPad.

Enhanced Energy History

Nest energy history/iPhone

To maximize your savings, you have to understand how much energy you’re actually using and why. When we first launched Nest, we knew we wanted to do something special with Energy History, but doing it right took time.

The enhanced Energy History we've launched today is for those of you who’ve requested more detail about your energy use and easier access to energy info. No longer locked inside your Nest, this deeper energy data is now available on the Web app, iPad and both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Now you can compare how much energy you used at a glance, then click or tap on any day to see what times you heated or cooled your home and what caused a significant change in your energy use.

Get online or grab your phone to see the full breakdown of when heating or cooling was on in the last 10 days.

Check out our Energy History blog post for more info - all the new Energy History goodies and energy saving tips are now in one place.

Something new for Spring: Airwave Airwave™

Airwave on Nest Thermostat

Now that the weather’s heating up, we’re excited to bring you another Nest feature: Airwave. When humidity in your home is low and the weather's hot, Airwave can reduce AC runtime.

Here's how: After your air conditioner turns off, it stays cold for awhile, just like your ice cream stays cold after it comes out of the freezer. Airwave stops your air-conditioner early, then uses the fan to spread cold air from your turned-off compressor through your home.

What Airwave does is simple and automatic, but can take a big bite out of your bill. Learn more about Airwave.

Updates to the Nest Web and Mobile apps

Updated Nest mobile app

We’ve also improved both the Android and iPhone apps, as well as the Web app. There is, of course, a new Energy History view in a new Energy tab, but now you can also use the Web and Mobile apps to:

  • Get all your info at a glance. See a quick view of the current temperature, Target Temperature and humidity level, and set the fan to Auto or Always On.
  • Change your Away temperature.
  • Activate a Range Schedule.
  • Pause Auto-Schedule or Auto-Away.

We’ve also been working hard for our Android phone users and with this latest update they can view and adjust their schedule and check Settings, just like their Apple-loving counterparts. Plus we’ve expanded the number of Android smartphones the Nest Mobile app is compatible with.

What’s new on Nest

Nest thermostat range schedule

Your thermostat has also gotten an upgrade. We’ve made a few updates to Nest’s menu so you now have easier access to popular features:

  • Range Schedule. We’ve added Range to the Heating/Cooling/Off menu. A Range Schedule is available in homes with both heat and AC and allows auto-switching between the two. You set a range of temperatures that you want - from 68 to 73, for example. When the temperature falls outside that range, Nest will automatically turn on heating or cooling. Range isn’t currently compatible with Auto-Schedule, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save energy. The Nest Leaf will still appear if you set an energy saving range of temps.
  • Away temperatures. Many of our customers wanted an easy way to adjust their Away temperatures, so we’ve given Away its own spot in Settings, moving it out of the Learning section. Now you can simply select Settings, scroll to Away and adjust your Away temps. Remember, lower your “Heat to” temperature and raise your “Cool to” temperature to save the most energy. Learn more about Auto-Away.

The team is very excited about the depth and breadth of this update. It’s been five months since we launched, and we’ve all been busy working to expand and improve every part of Nest. And more is still to come.

We hope you enjoy it! And if you haven’t bought Nest yet, our store is open!