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The Nest Developer Program is here.

The Nest Developer Program is here.

Wouldn’t it be cool if our homes could be more aware? If they could learn from us? And help take care of us?

At Nest, that’s always been our vision. We create thoughtful things that interact with people and their homes to keep them comfortable and safe.

And now with the Nest Developer Program, we’re working with developers all over the world to do what no one else has been able to do – create a more conscious and thoughtful home.

Other companies make digital control panels and apps that let you turn things on and off around the house. But we want to go beyond simply linking and remote controlling the devices in your home.

What we’re doing is making it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day. Things like lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars. Because when we make connections between these different parts of your life, we can create personalized experiences that do even more to keep you comfortable and safe. And help you save energy around the house. Automatically.

Starting today, the Nest Developer Program is officially open for business. And a number of ‘Works with Nest’ integrations are already up and running. Here are just a few of the ways the products you own can interact with Nest.

LIFX: LIFX lightbulbs can work with your Nest Protect to pulse red in an emergency, which can help grab your attention and alert those who are hearing impaired.

Going on vacation? Once your Nest Thermostat goes into Away mode, LIFX can make it look as if someone is home by automatically turning on and off your lights throughout the house.

Mercedes-Benz: As you drive home, your car can let Nest know what time you’ll arrive. That way your thermostat can start heating or cooling at exactly the right moment, and your home is the perfect temperature as soon as you walk in the door.

Whirlpool: If you’re signed up for Rush Hour Rewards with a participating energy provider, Nest can let Whirlpool know when an energy rush hour is about to happen, and your washer or dryer will delay the start of the cycle until the rush hour is over. You end up earning extra rush hour rewards and using less energy when electricity is in high demand.

Jawbone: Your Nest Learning Thermostat knows what temperature you like your home to be in the morning and your UP24 band can tell when you wake up. Together, they can make sure your thermostat starts heating or cooling before you even get out of bed.

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When we combine what we know about working inside of people’s homes with what other products can do, we’re able to build these meaningful connections. But we need help. We’re looking for all kinds of developers to help us make the home more aware. With the Nest API, we’re providing developers with the tools they need to help us make this a reality. Become a developer with Nest today>

Developers: Think you have a great idea but need funding? We've teamed up with our friends at Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins on an initiative to help entrepreneurs bring their conscious home ideas to life.

With our tools and your ideas, the possibilities are endless. This is the future. And we can’t wait to build it with you.