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A 6.1 earthquake seen through Dropcam.

Seismometer readout

This weekend families all over northern California woke up to one of the strongest earthquakes in decades. In fact, over 70% of people in Napa with Nest Thermostats got out of bed that night and walked around to see what happened. Everyone around here knows how it felt - sudden, rough, scary. But in the 3am darkness, it was hard to know what it looked like.

That’s one of the reasons people love Dropcam.

Dropcam users shared their videos with us over the last few days so we could see how the earthquake affected their homes.

In this Dropcam video, you can see three cats waking up several seconds before the earthquake struck and their owners jolted awake. Animals can often sense earthquakes long before humans, and in one survey, four in ten pet owners said their pets were acting strangely leading up to this quake.

In another home, the Dropcam was set up to keep an eye on the littlest member of the family, who happily slept through the shaking.

Dropcam uses Night Vision to see in the dark, which means we can see exactly how hard homes near the epicenter got rattled.

If you want to share your Dropcam video of the earthquake - or anything else - we’d love to hear from you.