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Life with Nest

Jill’s smoke-filled room

Nest’s mission is to create a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it. This series of customer stories reveals what that means in the real world and what it’s like to live a "Life with Nest."

Nest to join forces with Google’s hardware team: Smart homes are no longer just a thing of the future. They make families feel safer with connected security systems.

This is a story about how a Nest Protect protected my family and my home.

My boyfriend and I had just returned home from running errands when the smoke detector went off, alerting us of smoke in the basement. After checking the door to the basement (not hot) and grabbing a fire extinguisher, we went into the basement to find it filled with smoke. When we finally were able to get the smoke to clear, we found that a leak from an upstairs toilet had shorted the wires to the water heater, frying those wires. The insulation above the water heater was completely charred. We were able to contact professionals and have the water heater replaced and toilet repaired. When I spoke to the plumber, he told me that we had avoided a terrible disaster.

I chose Nest Protect because I had three dogs who were terrified of the smoke alarm, and I was always concerned about what would happen to the dogs if I wasn't at home. I liked the ability to receive notifications by text and to silence the alarm as help was dispatched to the house. Never did I imagine an incident like this.

Prior to Nest, I would have simply assumed the smoke detector had shorted or the battery was low (as I could not smell smoke) and silenced it without checking the basement. It was only because the Nest Protect provides the verbal alert, “Smoke detected in basement,” that we checked and found the problem. I am terrified to think what would have happened if I had not received the alert from Nest.

I am now telling everyone I can about the Nest Protect smoke alarm. I immediately sent two to my best friend to keep her safe. I will continue to purchase them as gifts for family and friends. There is no greater gift than keeping your loved ones safe.

Thank you, Nest!