Nest dans l'actualité

Ce que les designers, les architectes, les journalistes et les entrepreneurs ont à dire à propos de Nest.

  • GigaOm Nest Protect is undoubtedly a superior product to other smoke detectors on the market. En savoir plus >
  • Good Housekeeping In my opinion, Nest Protect will radically change one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment in your home. En savoir plus >
  • Huffington Post ...Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm offers a smarter, more user-friendly take on a boring-but-functional appliance... En savoir plus >
  • The Verge The entire product is designed to more clearly communicate what’s actually wrong. En savoir plus >
  • Tech Crunch Artfully designed, connected up with your smartphone, and full of features that work better than what it wants to replace...Nest Protect is the startup’s biggest play yet... En savoir plus >
  • VentureBeat Think of an annoying aspect of your smoke alarm and Nest has likely solved it with Nest Protect. En savoir plus >
  • ZDNet For me Nest Protect looks like a home run. En savoir plus >
  • International Business Times The Nest Protect instantly stands out from other smoke detectors with its rounded rectangular form and sunflower-shaped hole pattern to maximize airflow En savoir plus >
  • Mashable …is a new smart smoke detector and CO detector that actually isn't annoying. En savoir plus >
  • ABC News But it's the connectivity inside the Protect that further sets it apart from the other detectors on shelves En savoir plus >
  • Stuff In short, it's not really like your smoke alarm at all. En savoir plus >

Prix et récompenses

Nest a reçu un grand nombre de prix, tant pour le design de ses produits que pour l'innovation de ses valeurs.

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