Keep watch on the most important thing in your home. Your family.

Anyone with kids can use an extra pair of eyes. That’s why more and more parents are buying indoor security cameras. But before you rush to get one, you’ll want to decide on the best security camera for your needs.

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Monitoring must-haves.

  • Continuous, 24/7 live streaming*
    So you never miss a thing.

  • High-definition video
    Fuzzy is good for blankets, not cameras.

  • Talk and Listen
    Naptime looking more like playtime? You can remind your kid that it’s time to sleep.

Keep watch with around-the-clock streaming.

Is your child playing safely? Did she go to bed? You’ll want to keep a high-definition video eye on that. So make sure you get a Wi-Fi security camera with continuous 24/7 live streaming and recording.*

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Grows with your family.

Your indoor camera can help keep an eye on things as your family grows. It can watch as your toddler plays in his room, and later, when your teenager is home alone.

  • Night Vision
    See the whole room at night, not just a limited spotlight view.

  • Check in from anywhere*
    Keep watch over your home when you’re away.

  • Alerts on your phone
    You don’t need to be at home to know if something’s up.

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Nest Cam IQ outdoor
Mighty. Smart.

Nest Cam IQ indoor
Best-in-class indoor security camera.
Top-of-its-class brains.

Nest Cam Outdoor
Security, rain or shine.

Nest Cam Indoor
Plug-in-and-go security.

*Nest Cam video recording requires a subscription to Nest Aware. Video streaming, video recording and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi.