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Want to give customers an energy program they love and that’s great at managing energy? So do we.

When you partner with Nest, we can help with thermostat rebates, energy efficiency solutions, and demand response programs that are proven to work.

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With Nest, our energy partners will get:

  • Customer engagement.

    Get customers to participate by giving them a program they want. And a thermostat they love.

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  • Proven energy savings.

    A Nest thermostat programs itself and helps customers save based on their home and habits over time.

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  • Demand response that’s friendly.

    Nest energy programs are effective, yet customer-friendly. We help our partners reduce demand during energy rush hours, while helping customers stay comfortable and in control.

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A thermostat they love.

We know how important it is for customers to want to save energy. And for us, that starts with a thermostat people want to use.

  • People love a Nest thermostat. It’s beautiful, easy to use and people want to own one.

  • Many customers in your area already have a Nest thermostat and are ready to enroll today.

  • We’re adding more customers every day and Nest can help get customers excited about signing up for your thermostat program.

  • A Nest thermostat also works with lights, appliances, cars and more to help customers save energy and stay comfortable.

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Proven energy savings. Year after year.

One-size-fits-all models don’t work. Period. That’s why we designed a Nest thermostat to keep learning and finding new ways to save energy.

  • A Nest thermostat learns what temperatures each customer likes and automatically programs itself.

  • Independent research has proven that it saves customers 10-15% on average.
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  • You can help customers save even more each year with programs like Seasonal Savings.

    Seasonal Savings makes minor tweaks to a customer’s schedule as the seasons change – without sacrificing comfort.

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Demand response that works. And keeps customers comfortable.

Traditional demand response programs aren’t very popular with customers. So we came up with a better way. We call it Rush Hour Rewards, and it works like this:

  • When energy’s in high demand, you have the flexibility to schedule events and help customers avoid using their AC during energy rush hours.

  • Instead of abruptly shutting off power, a Nest thermostat can cool things down before a rush hour event begins.

  • During a rush hour, a Nest thermostat uses what it’s learned about each home to turn the AC on and off as needed, while balancing comfort and energy savings.

  • Our customers love participating in Rush Hour Rewards. Less than 15% of them ever change the temperature during a rush hour event.
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What other energy providers are saying.

Nest runs successful energy efficiency and demand response programs with some of the largest energy providers in North America.

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