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Nest helps you stay comfortable and save energy. And SolarCity helps you generate clean, reliable energy for less than you pay today.

Sign up with SolarCity and receive a Nest Learning Thermostat and installation at no cost if your home qualifies.

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Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat


No more confusing programming. Nest learns the temperatures you like and builds a personalized schedule for your home.

Home/Away Assist

Don’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home. Nest automatically saves energy when you’re away.

Energy History

The more you know, the more you can save. See how much energy you’ve used in the last 10 days.

Remote control

Change the temperature from anywhere with your phone, tablet or laptop.

Meet SolarCity

With SolarCity – America’s #1 solar provider – lower your energy bills from day one and enjoy predictable low rates for decades to come.

Save energy when it’s most expensive.

Time of Savings.

Nest helps you take advantage of your energy company’s Time of Use (TOU) plans to save money. TOU plans set different energy prices throughout the day – cheaper at night, more expensive in the afternoon, and it switches on weekends.

Keeping track of changing prices can be tricky, so Nest can do it for you automatically. Once Nest is connected to your energy company, here’s an example of what might happen:

  • 1:00 Energy prices are going up, so your Nest Thermostat tweaks the temperature to help you save money. Just look for the green gear.

  • 2:30 Nest never adjusts the temperature more than a degree or two, but you can always turn it up or down.

  • 7:00 Energy prices have fallen, so your schedule goes back to normal.

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Minimize your energy bill. Maximize your savings.

Sign up with SolarCity and here’s what you can expect:

  • SolarCity will design and install a custom solar power system for your home with no upfront costs.
  • SolarCity will give you a Nest Thermostat and install it for no additional cost on the day of your solar installation.
  • This deal is available to qualified residential solar customers who sign a contract with SolarCity and agree to let SolarCity connect to their Nest Thermostat as part of the Works with Nest program.
  • You must have a compatible HVAC system, and not already own a Nest Thermostat.
  • If you are on a Time of Use rate, you can get Time of Savings. SolarCity will enroll you in the feature once your thermostat and solar power system are installed.