Get paid around $60 each summer.

And save more energy.

By definition, the Nest Learning Thermostat learns how to keep you comfortable and help you save. Now it’s partnered with SCE to make an even bigger dent in your energy bill.

Yes—Southern California Edison wants you to use less energy.

Why? It’s a win-win—your lower energy bills mean fewer outages and expensive new power plants for them.

So together we’re offering new ways to save: Rush Hour Rewards can help you earn around $60 a summer and Seasonal Savings has helped Nest owners use 5-10% less heating and cooling.

Meet the Nest
Learning Thermostat Watch video

Just turn to heat or cool

First, you need a Nest. It programs itself, helps you save energy when you're away and can be controlled from anywhere.

Auto-ScheduleNo more confusing programming. Nest learns the temperatures you like and builds a personalized schedule for your home.

Auto-AwayDon’t waste energy cooling an empty house. Nest automatically turns itself down when you’re away.

Remote controlChange the temperature from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

AirwaveThis unique technology helps you use less air conditioning while staying perfectly cool.

The Nest Thermostat works in most homes with low voltage systems—make sure it'll work in yours. Most people install it themselves in 30 minutes or less.

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Rush Hour Rewards

Air conditioning accounts for about half the energy used in a home. So when everyone cranks up the AC on hot days, demand for energy spikes and SCE has to bring on costly additional power to avoid outages.

Turns out, it’s better for SCE to just pay you to use less energy on these days. Then Rush Hour Rewards steps in to help you maximize your earnings, while you stay comfortable and in control.

It’s like your Nest thermostat is a smart GPS. It helps you avoid traffic and get where you’re going as efficiently as possible.

We’ll navigate, but you can always take the wheel.

Rush Hour Rewards

Just like traffic rush hours, energy rush hours can happen when everyone turns on the AC at once.

With Rush Hour Rewards, you could earn around $60 a summer to avoid these energy rush hours.

And you don’t need to worry about when the next rush hour is coming. Rush Hour Rewards automatically tweaks temperatures around each rush hour, earning the biggest rewards while still keeping you comfortable.

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With Rush Hour Rewards, you’re always in the driver’s seat. That means you can change the temperature at any time.

Life with Rush Hour Rewards

Through their Save Power Days program, SCE will credit your bill with $1.25 per kilowatt hour of energy you save during each rush hour. Rush hours will only ever happen once a day, never on weekends, and never more than three days in a row. Depending on the weather, that means you could earn around $60 during the summer months.

Rush hours take place from 2-6pm. Around 12 are expected each summer. Here’s how it works:

Rush Hour Rewards at work.

Using everything Nest has learned about your home, Rush Hour Rewards finds ways to use less air conditioning during a rush hour without sacrificing comfort. In this example a customer would have used 3.5 hours of AC during the rush hour, but instead Rush Hour Rewards helped them use just two hours—that's 40% less.

Rush Hour Rewards at work. Rush Hour Rewards at work.
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Seasonal Savings

You may not even notice it working, but Seasonal Savings can help you save up to 10% on heating and air conditioning.

Every summer and winter, Seasonal Savings slowly fine-tunes the temperatures in your schedule to save energy.

Here’s how it works:

• Seasonal Savings might adjust the temperature a degree while you sleep, or tweak the temperature half a degree in the morning. Tiny adjustments will add up over a few weeks.

• You can change the temperature at anytime. If you’re too warm or too cold, just adjust your thermostat. Nest will listen.

It’s like a spring cleaning for your schedule.

Seasonal Savings

With Seasonal Savings,
Nest cleans up your
schedule to help you
save more.

It'll fine-tune
the temperatures in
your schedule
over a few weeks.

It’s helped Nest
owners use 5-10%
less heating
and cooling.

Life with Seasonal Savings.

Two Seasonal Savings will be available each year: in summer and winter.

Keep in mind, if Seasonal Savings can’t find any opportunities to help you save while keeping you comfortable, it won’t turn on for the season.

Seasonal Savings at work.

Here’s a basic example of a cooling schedule that Seasonal Savings fine-tunes over a few weeks. In week one, it adjusts the temperature when nobody is home by 1°F. Then it adjusts the temperature when everyone wakes up and tweaks the nighttime temp by half a degree. By week three, Seasonal Savings has adjusted temps from 1-3°F and saved 10% more AC without anyone even noticing.

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Sign up, pay less, stay comfortable.

Sign up for Rush Hour Rewards and Seasonal Savings and here’s what you can expect:

  • SCE expects 12 four-hour rush hours each summer. Rush hours take place from 2-6pm, and only on weekdays. You'll only ever get one rush hour a day, and there will never be a rush hour more than three days in a row.
  • SCE will credit your bill for $1.25 per kWh you save during rush hours. Depending on the weather, you could earn around $60 each summer.
  • Seasonal Savings has helped Nest owners use 5-10% less heating and cooling.
  • Seasonal Savings is available twice a year: at the beginning of summer and winter.