Stay safe.
Save money.

Your insurance company knows Nest Protect helps keep you safe. They know it saves lives.

So we’ve partnered with leading insurance companies to help you get a Nest Protect for less. Your insurance provider could also lower your premiums up to 5% because Nest Protect is special - it can connect to Wi-Fi and tell them it’s working.

It’s their business to know what keeps families safe. And they believe in Nest Protect.

Find out when a Nest insurance partner is coming to your area.

In just a few minutes, you can:

Get a Nest Protect for less.

Get a discount on your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies can help you get a Nest Protect.

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm speaks to tell you what and where the danger is, sends phone alerts, and tests itself to make sure it’s working. There’s no smoke alarm quite like it.

So our insurance partners will help you get a Nest Protect for less.

4 out of 5 firefighters would trust Nest Protect to protect their own homes.

Save money with Safety Rewards.

Once you have a Nest Protect up and running, you can start saving money.

Sign up for Safety Rewards and, with your permission, we’ll let your insurer know Nest Protect is installed and working. In exchange, they’ll take up to 5% off your insurance premiums.

Your private data stays private.

Sign up for Safety Rewards and, once a month, Nest Protect will tell your insurance provider if:

  • Its batteries are charged.

  • Its sensors are working.

  • Its Wi-Fi connection is good.

Your insurer will never know if the alarm went off because you burned the popcorn.Learn more about what data we share>

Even if your Wi-Fi drops or batteries run low, you won't lose your discount. And you can opt out of Safety Rewards at any time.

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