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10-24-2011 Privacy Statement - archived

This archived Privacy Statement was superseded by our

At Nest, we take your privacy seriously.

This document explains what types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we collect and how we use it.

To view our Web Site Privacy Policy, click here.

We pledge to:

  1. Be transparent about the different types of data we collect and how we use them.
  2. Ask your permission before sharing your personally identifiable information with third parties for purposes other than to provide Nest’s services, and to only do so when we think they will provide you with a welcome additional service.
  3. Use best-in-class data security tools to keep your data safe and protect the Nest Learning Thermostat from unauthorized access.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

So, what information do we collect to help you save energy?

The Nest Learning Thermostat collects:

  • Information input during setup.
  • Environmental data from Nest’s sensors.
  • Adjustments to the temperature you make on Nest.

Information input during setup: When you install the Nest Learning Thermostat, you’ll be asked several questions about your schedule to help create an initial program of temperature settings. For example, we’ll ask questions like, “Is Nest located in a home or business?” and, “Is someone usually around at noon or at midnight?” We’ll also ask for your zip code so that Nest can retrieve weather information for your neighborhood. In addition, Nest pulls information directly from your HVAC system to learn its capabilities – such as if it has heating and cooling or is a heating-only system.

Answering these questions helps us to set up an initial program that will keep you comfortable.

Environmental data from Nest’s sensors: We collect data from several sensors built into the Nest Learning Thermostat. These sensors register things like the current temperature, humidity, and ambient light in the room. They can also sense whether something in the room is moving. By recording this information, the Nest Learning Thermostat can make you comfortable when you are at home and save energy when you are away. For example, if Nest senses a light being switched on or that you’ve entered the room after an extended period of time, it can adjust the setting to a preferred temperature, based on an assumption that you’ve just woken up or returned home. Similarly, if the light goes off or no one is moving in the room, Nest might turn the temperature down to save you energy.

Direct temperature adjustments to the device: If you change the temperature on Nest, it records and feeds that command to the Nest algorithms to learn your desired comfort level under different situations.

What additional information does Nest collect and store when I connect to the Internet?

To access and program the Nest Learning Thermostat over the Internet from your computer or mobile device, you will need to connect it to a wireless network. During setup, the Nest Learning Thermostat will ask for your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and encryption key to connect to your home network. It will save this information on the device so that it can check for commands you send from your mobile devices or computer, check for Nest messages, and look for updates.

When you create an account at , we collect and store your email address. From that point forward, your email address serves as your username and is used for communications from Nest.

Be sure to pick a unique password that will be hard for a third party to guess.

Like most internet sites, we routinely record log entries (that include information such as your IP address) when your browser, mobile device or Nest Learning Thermostat contacts our servers. This information is stored along with your email and thermostat settings on our servers.

Why do you collect this information?

Our service technicians have supervised access to your data so they can answer your questions if you contact us for help and so they can monitor our servers for technical problems.

How long do you save my personal information and how can I delete it?

Nest stores the data we collect to understand how your needs change over time. This way, Nest can best keep you comfortable when you are home and conserve when you are not. For example, over time we can learn how your home adjusts to the change in seasons (what are the humidity levels over time, do you have insulation, do you live in a rapidly changing climate, etc.) and adjust your temperature and heating/cooling cycles accordingly.

If you want to delete your personally identifiable information, please call us at 855-4MY-NEST. Because of the way we maintain certain services, after you delete your information, backup copies may linger for a time before they are deleted.

What information do you share about my Nest Learning Device?

Under no circumstance will we share PII for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the delivery of the Nest service without asking you first. Period.

If you select an outside party for the purchase, installation, or service of your Nest device and share your personal information, we cannot control the collection, storage or sharing of data collected by that party. For example, if you bought your thermostat from a retailer, they may collect personal information as part of the transaction. Or the party that installed the device may retain information that you provided to them to assist them in servicing the device if needed.

Always check the privacy policies for any company that collects your personal information.

What information do you store and how do you keep my data safe?

To provide the Nest service, we store your account information, the answers to the initial questions used to set up the device, your Wifi Password, and three-weeks worth of sensor readings and schedule. All data is password protected and cannot easily be accessed. You can delete the information on the Nest device by resetting it to the factory settings.

We also store PII about your use of the product, including sensor data and your inputs from mobile and other devices on our cloud servers. We use industry-standard methods to keep this data safe and secure while transmitted over your home network and through the Internet to our servers.

Whom do you share my data with?

We do not share PII for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the delivery of the Nest service without asking you first.

We may share your aggregated and anonymous data in a variety of ways, including to publish trends about energy use and conservation, to help utilities provide demand-response services and to generally improve our system. We’ve taken steps to ensure that the data cannot be linked back to you and we require our partners to keep all data in its anonymous form.

We will disclose information to law enforcement, or to comply with other legal requests, but only if provided with sufficient and appropriate legal process.

How can I access my data?

You can access your Nest data – the temperature outside and inside and how much energy has been used for the past day, week or historical data over longer periods of time – through the web or mobile interface.

This is only the beginning… watch as we continue to provide innovative new ways to allow you to better understand and control your home energy use!

We hope this answers all of your questions. Please let us know what you think by contacting us at

This archived Privacy Statement was superseded by our