Make a difference

We can do great things together. Nest owners are saving energy and turning Nest Leafs into real ones.

Help us make America greener.

We're turning Nest Leafs into real ones by planting trees. We've planted over 10,000 so far, thanks to our top savers.

Now we need your help to plant more. Tell a friend about Nest by entering their email address below. We'll email them and, if they decide to buy a Nest, we'll plant another tree and make your state greener in the map below.

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Turning Nest Leafs into real ones.

To plant our trees, we’re joining together with the Arbor Day Foundation. They plant trees all over the planet, rebuilding forests torn down by natural disaster or man-made deforestation. Your tree could end up in a rainforest or in New Jersey, replacing a tree wiped away by Super Storm Sandy.

Learn about the Arbor Day Foundation >

What we can do together.

The EPA estimates that you can save 20% on your heating and cooling bill with a well-programmed schedule.

Teach Nest well - turn it down at night, look for the Leaf every time you turn the ring, set an energy-efficient Away temperature - and you could save even more.

If everyone in America used 15% less energy, we could do great things.