Safety shouldn’t be annoying.

Almost two-thirds of US home fire deaths happened in homes with no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm.

Nest Fire Truck

We all know why smoke alarms are torn off the ceiling or missing batteries – because every time you make stir-fry, the smoke alarm cries wolf. Or just as you’re falling asleep, you hear a low-battery chirp. They’ve become annoying.

But smoke and CO alarms are too important to be annoying. They keep us safe. That’s why we made Nest Protect. We wanted to make a smoke alarm you’ll love. Because hating it is dangerous.

Nest Fire Truck

It’s that sound.

It’s meant to be piercing, unavoidable, scary. But that sound turns out to be a false alarm so often that it isn’t doing its job anymore. When we hear it, we’re not scared – we’re annoyed. It could mean there’s an emergency. Or that you’ve burned the popcorn. So Nest Protect does more than alarm you. It talks to you.

Where there’s smoke,
there’s sometimes just toast.

If there’s only a little bit of smoke or carbon monoxide levels are just beginning to rise, Nest Protect will give you a Heads-Up. The light ring will glow yellow and you’ll hear a friendly warning. “Heads-Up, there’s smoke in the kitchen,” for example. That way you get an early warning if there’s an emergency. Or a little extra time to handle your over-enthusiastic toaster before the alarm goes off.

Your shower isn’t trying to burn your house down.

US fire departments respond to 2.2 million false alarms – like steam – every year.

Your alarm should protect you from smoke and CO, not a nice relaxing shower. Nest Protect is the first smoke alarm to use a humidity sensor and an advanced algorithm to look for the differences between steam and smoke.

This means you get fewer false alarms from steam* and are still protected if there’s an emergency.

*Based on Nest’s internal testing and data.

There’s danger you can’t see.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that causes flu-like symptoms which are easy to misdiagnose. That's why most safety experts consider carbon monoxide alarms just as important as smoke alarms.

But most combination smoke and CO alarms don’t tell you what the problem is. And because you can’t see or smell CO, it’s easy to mistake a CO emergency for a false alarm. Nest Protect is designed to tell you what the problem is and what to do. So you don’t end up ignoring a serious issue.

Count sheep, not chirps.

People get so frustrated with low-battery chirps in the middle of the night, they take out the batteries and don’t replace them. Nest Protect will notify you long before its batteries get that low so you can replace them and avoid the dreaded 2am chirp.

Nest Protect will glow yellow, tell you what’s wrong and send an alert to your phone. But if you happen to be a champion procrastinator, it will eventually chirp at you just as its batteries are about to run out. It’s the law.

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark.

Next time you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night, Nest Protect will automatically light your way. We call it Pathlight. You can adjust its brightness or turn Pathlight off entirely from the app. And if you have a wired Nest Protect, you can turn Pathlight on all night so your kids always have a nightlight.

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