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  • Huffington Post …a “learning” thermostat that marries Apple IQ with Frank Gehry-style design. Read more >
  • Fast Company …even more efficient heating and cooling available to an even greater number of homes. Read more >
  • Mashable …it’s already earned a reputation as the smartest and prettiest thermostat available. Read more >
  • The Economist ...the Nest thermostat feels a lot like the first iPod in spirit. Read more >
  • gdgt Without a doubt, we think everyone will love owning a Nest. Read more >
  • Wired Nest plans to continually update the software, [so] that cool factor will only renew itself over time. Read more >
  • Slate If you’re in the market for a new thermostat (and who isn’t?) get this one. Read more >
  • New York Times My favorite of the new thermostats is the Nest. Read more >
  • The Verge Everyone in the office who sees the Nest thermostat wants one immediately. Read more >
  • Bloomberg Businessweek If you put an Apple Store inside a Home Depot, this is what it might sell. Read more >
  • Gizmodo Nest is the best thermostat you’ll ever run into… Read more >
  • New York Times The Nest is gorgeous, elegant and very, very smart. Read more >
  • TIME Who knew that home energy management could be so sexy? Read more >
  • The Atlantic It’s a simple and brilliant solution to an important problem. Read more >
  • Wall Street Journal Suddenly, I can’t imagine my house without a Nest. Read more >
  • GigaOm …a thermostat Steve Jobs would love. Read more >
  • TechCrunch After this demo, I was sold. Read more >
  • Wired Nest is the iPhone of thermostats. Read more >
  • CNET Nest 2.0: slimmer, sleeker thermostat smarter than ever. Read more >
  • CNET The genius of Nest Labs is that it decided to make the iPhone of thermostats. Read more >
  • LA Times It’s a smart thermostat geared to the iPhone generation. Read more >
  • Fast Company The Nest Learning Thermostat is gorgeous, intuitive, and more necessary than you think. Read more >
  • Technologizer Radically different from any other thermostat you’ve ever seen. Read more >
  • Slash Gear Nest Learning Thermostat makes heating iPod-sexy. Read more >
  • Gizmodo Nest actually learns your schedule and begins to set the temperature on its own. Read more >
  • USA Today Nest smashes any preconceived notions of what a thermostat ought to look like and how it should operate. Read more >
  • Huffington Post Nest is far more than the average thermostat. Read more >


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Boulder, CO
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West Jordan, UT
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St. Paul, MN
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Boulder, CO
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Arroyo Grande, CA
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Fort Mill, SC
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Las Vegas, NV
We haven’t touched the thermostat in weeks! It just works!
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I am far from an electrician, but I had the thing mounted and working in 10 minutes.
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We’ve had the Nest for almost 3 months and it should pay for itself in energy savings during the next monthly billing cycle.
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As a museum exhibit designer, I’m always searching for devices that create the best user experience and interface.
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I am amazed at the technology packed into the Nest and all of the options that are built into it...
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Elegant, easy to install (comes with multi-install options/tools), setup a breeze and works as advertised.
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Amazing, Breathtaking, Stupendous.... These are the words that I must use to describe the Nest thermostat.
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