This is going to be easy.

Both Nest Protect™ (Battery) and Nest Protect™ (Wired 230V) take only minutes to install.

Connecting to Wi-Fi and setting them up with your iPhone, iPad or Android device also takes just a few minutes. Every Nest Protect in your home will connect to the others automatically.

Low on time?

A professional can help with installation.

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Where should I install it?

You can install Nest Protect in the same place as your current smoke alarm. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re installing Nest Protect in a new room, moving it to a better spot or adding more alarms to your home. You can see all the details in our User’s Guide.

Local laws may have additional regulations on placement and type of smoke and CO alarms. You should review those as well.

Which Nest Protect should I get?

To figure out if you need the wired or battery version of Nest Protect, just check which kind of smoke alarm you have now, then switch it out for the same type.


If your old smoke alarm isn’t attached to any wires in the ceiling or you want to install Nest Protect in a new place, then grab the box that says Nest Protect (Battery).

Wired 230V

If the smoke or CO alarm you’re replacing has a green LED light and connects to wires in your wall or ceiling, then you need Nest Protect (Wired 230V).

Do they work differently?

Both the wired and battery Nest Protect have the same core features and will connect to one another. There are a few small differences in the way that they report self-monitoring info and connect to the Nest Thermostat.

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How do I install it?

Watch this video to learn how to install Nest Protect. It covers every step from connecting it to Wi-Fi and setting it up with your smartphone to screwing it onto your ceiling.

You’re all set.

Check the status of the Nest Protect sensors and batteries from the app, and manually test its voice and connection to other Nest Protect alarms by pushing the Nest button.

We said this was going to be easy.

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