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Our Trademarks

The following are illustrative, non-exhaustive lists of trademarks and logos owned by Nest Labs, Inc. Please refrain from making commercial use of the trademarks or from using our logos without first requesting and receiving written license from us to do so.

We consider our trademarks valuable assets and ask that when using the trademarks for non-commercial or editorial purposes you please adhere to a few general principles. Following these principles helps us protect our valuable trademark rights and preserve the voice and identity that we’ve worked so hard to nurture with the people that love Nest.

  • Always appropriately recognize our trademarks:
    • within the United States, by including the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on the first use (examples are shown in the list below), and
    • outside the United States, by using the appropriate trademark attribution notice instead of trademark symbols:

      [Insert Trademark being used] is a trademark of Nest Labs, Inc.
  • Always use the complete trademark as an adjective in all communications.
    • Incorrect: I have a Nest Protect.
    • Correct: I have a Nest Protect alarm.
  • Always distinguish our trademarks from the surrounding text by capitalizing the first letter, capitalizing or italicizing the entire trademark, or using different font.
    • Incorrect: The learning thermostat is awesome.
    • Correct: The Nest Learning Thermostat device is awesome.
  • Never alter our trademarks, including through abbreviation to create acronyms, varying the spelling, adding or deleting hyphens, making two words one, or making one word two.
    • Incorrect: Open-Weave platform.
    • Correct: Platform based on OpenWeave software.
  • Never make our trademarks possessive or plural.
    • Incorrect: Nest Learning Thermostats are awesome.
    • Correct: Nest Learning Thermostat devices are awesome.
  • Never use our trademarks as a noun or verb.
    • Incorrect: You should Nest your home.
    • Correct: You should install Nest products in your home.
  • Never combine our trademarks with your or any third-party names, trademarks, or logos.
    • Incorrect: OpenWeave MYBRAND device.
    • Correct: MYBRAND device on OpenWeave software.
  • Never use our trademarks to brand your product, claim interoperability where there is none, or use our trademarks in a manner that suggests you are endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Nest.
    • Incorrect OpenWeave device.
    • Correct Device using OpenWeave software.
  • Never use our trademarks in a derogatory, disparaging, false, illegal, infringing, or misleading manner.

Nest’s Trademarks and Service Marks

Control From Anywhere™
Cool to Dry™
Energy History™
Heat Link™
Heat Pump Balance™
Learning Thermostat™
Let’s Stop Wasting Energy™
Nest Account™
Nest App™
Nest Aware®
Nest Cam™
Nest Cam IQ™
Nest Learning Thermostat®
Nest Mobile Client™
Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide
Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Nest Protect®
Nest Sense®
Nest Supersight™
Nest Thoughtful Things™
Nest Wave™
Nest Web App™
Nightly Promise™
Quiet Time™
Rush Hour Rewards™
Safety Shouldn’t Be Annoying™
Seasonal Savings™
Silence Alarms With A Wave™
Silence The Chirp™
Super Simple Security™
System Match™
Thoughtful Home™
Thoughtful Things™
True Radiant™
Welcome to a More Thoughtful Home®
Welcome to the Thoughtful Home®

Nest’s Logos

Nest logo
Works with Nest logo
Nest house
Nest leaf
Dropcam early logo
Dropcam logo
Gear with leaf
Filter reminders
Heat pumps