Get a Nest Thermostat at no additional cost.

Switch to the Smart Plus Control plan with First Utility and get a Nest Thermostat with installation plus a free smart meter

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Meet the 3rd-generation Nest Learning Thermostat


Just turn it up and down. It learns the temperatures that you like and creates a schedule for you.

Home/Away Assist

Don’t waste energy heating an empty home. Nest automatically helps save energy when you’re out.

Hot Water

Now you can control your hot water tank. And give your hot water a boost when you need it.

Remote control

Change the temperature and control your hot water tank from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Switch to First Utility

  • First Utility is making it easier and cheaper for people to manage their homes.
  • They supply gas and electricity to almost 1 million UK homes and are proud to have saved customers over £500m in energy costs.* Now, they are partnering with Nest to offer customers a Nest Thermostat at no additional cost this winter.

*First Utility have saved their customers a total of £500 million, based on a cumulative savings figure extrapolated to an overall portfolio figure and customer lifetime, using savings achieved on since February 2011.