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There’s no place like a Nest home.

How it works

  • Start with Nest.

    All you need is a Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect or Nest Cam. Add another product, like a light bulb, and they’ll start to notice each other, learn from one another and help you out – all on their own.

  • Simple, secure setup.

    Sign in to your light bulb app, tell it to connect to Nest, then verify your Nest account. It’s private, secure, and you’re always in control. Learn more >

  • It just works.

    You don’t have to be a tech geek to get things working. Once you connect a product to Nest, it automatically starts doing things for you, without you having to program it.

See what works with Nest.

Nest works with all kinds of things – lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars.
Find your favourite products and discover new ones that can help you save energy, stay comfortable and stay safe.

Please bear in mind that not all these products may be available in your country.

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The keyless lock for your Nest home.

Forgotten to lock the front door? No problem. It’ll lock by itself. And when you come home, you can open it with your phone. When the Yale Linus lock works with Nest, you can check if the door’s shut, give visitors a temporary passcode and see when they arrived and when they left – all from your Nest app.

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  • Alexa, keep me cosy.

    Just say, 'Alexa, set my bedroom to 20°' and your Amazon Echo or Fire TV can tell the Nest Thermostat to change the temperature. See how it works >

  • Away, relaxed and in control.

    Forgot to turn off the oven? Nest and Bosch make your life a little easier. When Nest notices that you’re away, your Bosch appliances can let you know if they're still running so that you can turn them off remotely using the Home Connect app. And if your Nest Protect detects smoke, you can also turn off your other appliances to prevent them from being damaged. See how it works >

  • Radiator upgrade.

    Mi|Home Smart Radiator Valves let you control each radiator in your home. They work together with the Nest Learning Thermostat to reach your target temperature and give you an even smarter home-heating setup. See how it works >

  • Your garage knows when you're home. Or away.

    Open the garage when you arrive, and Chamberlain can tell Nest that you’re home. Close it on your way out, and your thermostat can go into Away mode so that you don’t waste energy heating an empty home. See how it works >

  • A bright idea.

    When Nest notices that the house is empty, your Wemo-controlled lights can automatically turn off to help you save energy. See how it works >

  • When it comes to security, you shouldn’t be in the dark.

    Going on holiday? As soon as your Nest Thermostat notices that you’re away, LIFX can make it look as though someone is at home by turning on and off your lights throughout the house automatically. See how it works >

We take your privacy seriously.
Very seriously.

We make sure that you have control over what’s shared.

Before you choose to connect any device or service to Nest, we’ll explain exactly what the benefits will be and what information will be shared. Depending on the connection, that may include basic home and device data, HVAC system specs, smoke and carbon monoxide status, Home and Away states or Rush Hour Reward events. We don’t share any usernames, passwords, email or home addresses. Full stop.

You can disconnect at any time.

Every company we work with is required to follow a list of guidelines that limit how they can use the information that you’ve agreed to share. We take those rules seriously and can revoke third-party access at any time. You can also disconnect an integration whenever you like. If, for any reason, you decide to delete your Nest account, we’ll automatically disconnect any active integrations for you.

We take extra steps to keep your data secure.

Privacy is important. But so is security. All our connections use SSL. Which means that communication between Nest and other third-party companies is always encrypted.

When you trust Nest with your data, it's governed by Nest’s and .