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Trademark Use Guidelines for Partners

These guidelines set forth the proper use of our trademarks and logos by our licensees, authorized resellers, and other parties who have obtained our consent to use our trademarks and logos on promotional materials, instructional materials, websites, packaging, labels or elsewhere, but generally for commercial purposes. If you are seeking to make non-commercial or editorial use of the our trademarks please refer to our trademark and related use principles. Like the general trademark use principles, these guidelines help us protect our valuable trademark rights and ensure that we preserve the voice and identity of the Nest brand.

If you’re a Nest partner, you have specific trademark usage guidelines that apply to your use of Nest’s trademarks in connection with your reselling, development, or other business activities with Nest. Please click below for our current guidelines, which apply to you:

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Nest Enterprise Partner

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If you have already downloaded and reviewed the applicable guidelines and have questions about how to apply the guidelines, please contact your Nest representative.

By using our trademarks, you acknowledge Nest’s ownership right, title, and interest in those trademarks and agree that all use of our trademarks inures to Nest’s benefit. You also agree that you will not interfere with or challenge our trademark rights, use our trademarks in a way that violates any law or harms the Nest brand or reputation, or use, reproduce or authorize the reproduction or use of our trademarks in any manner other than expressly authorized by Nest.